All designs & patterns are Sally Jane Originals and no two toys are ever the same.
They are unique and collectable.
All the clothes are made from vintage, high quality cloth and the toys all characterised individually forming unique personalities!

Much love and joy goes into the making of each and every Sally Jane Collectable and great pleasure is found in seeing them go to a new owner who will treasure and look after them ... so whether you would like a pet portrait or another little furry friend, hopefully you need look no further ! Click on the menu for pictures!
For any questions and / or to place an order, please call Sally Jane or email. For more info and pricing click here..
LATEST NEWS - The British Bear Artist Awards 2011
We are really pleased to announce that we have won with 'Billy' in the Furry Friends Category of The British Bear Artist Awards 2011. Some of the judge's comments .. don't worry we won't let him get a big head! ...
"Incredibly clever work to create the face. " Great to see the airbrushing technique used perfectly." "On a personal level, this is just the kind of thing I'd choose at a bear fair to join my collection"